Curro Durbanville’s Kayla Badenhorst Wins Horse Riding Competition

By Dries Badenhorst – Kayla Badenhorst, a Grade 3 learner at Curro Durbanville Primary School, came first when she took part in an Inter-club Horse Riding competition.

Kayla was the youngest entrant in the junior competition for the day. Not much was expected as she was also the least experienced, having done horse riding for only a year.

The riders was judged on Best Riding Technique, Best Time and Horse Control while completing five obstacles. The overall judging took place after these five disciplines were completed. These five disciplines included: (1) weaving poles, (2) trotting poles, (3) 30 cm jumps, (4) picking up an object and placing it on a barrel and (5) changing diagonally by trotting in a small circle.

Her riding instructor was ecstatic with her performance. After the competition she said: “I am very pleased with Kayla’s achievement so soon in her riding career. She is doing better and showing more control than the more experienced riders.”

Keep up the good work, Kayla!!!

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