Cricket: Curro Durbanville’s u13A’s Win Cliff-Hanger Against Durbanville’s u13A’s

By Dries Badenhorst – Many regard cricket clashes between these powerhouse cricket teams as the most important of the season. It always has an interschools feel to it and is all about bragging rights. But officially it is just another weekly fixture of the Western Province Cricket Association.

TOP Feature Image: Back, from left to right – Dries Badenhorst (Umpire), Nur Slamdien, Christian French (Captain), Jaryd Morcom, Fahad Khan, Jordan Jones, Kyran Munz and Henco Bornmann (Coach) Front, from left to right – Justin Pascall, Jamie Ricketts, Meeka-eel Prince, Neo Pietersem and Carl Vlok

With some of the province’s top u13 cricketers in both sides, expectations for a spectacular match was high. The match was exciting, but unfortunately did not meet the expectations of being spectacular. The lack of spectator expectations did however not cause a lack of excitement, as the game went down to the last ball.

Curro Durbanville batted first and was quickly rocked onto the back foot, with their openers dismissed without troubling the score keepers. Christian French was bowled by Riaan and Fahad Kahn was bowled by Michael. Wickets kept falling and Durbanville Primary School forced Curro to their knees at 35/5 after 8 overs.

Fortunes however changed when a determined Kyran Munz walked out to the wicket at number 7. In partnership with Nur Slamdien, the pair managed to put a partnership of 36 runs together to steady the ship. After Nur’s demise the wickets kept falling at regular intervals, as Curro tried to make the most of the last 4 overs.

Kyran Munz
Kyran Munz

Kyran, a middle order batsmen, kept the hopes of Curro alive as he scored at a decent pace, whilst keeping his wicket intact. He had to deal with the pressure of solidifying and resurrecting the innings. Whilst doing so, he had the added pressure of wickets falling on the other side and having to score runs at a decent pace. He ticked all these boxes as he scored an unbeaten 45 runs of only 36 balls. He bludgeoned four boundaries and three massive sixes.

His innings meant that Curro went into the shed with some sort of positive momentum, giving the home team’s bowlers 102 runs to defend.

Durbanville’s openers had a positive start, racing to 18 runs in the 1st 3 overs. Jaryd Morcom struck in his second over and from there the run rate slowed down. After 8 overs, Durbanville had 34 runs, but only for the loss of 1 wicket. From this point Durbanville managed to keep up with the required run rate, but failed to build any significant partnerships.

With 3 overs to go, Durbanville needed only 13 runs. It was the 19th over that swung the momentum into Curro’s favour.  In this over Durbanville lost 3 wickets for only 1 run. Carl Vlok was the assassin responsible for this blow to Durbanville’s chances. This proved to be the decisive over in the end.

Durbanville only managed to score 5 of required 12 runs in the final over.

After the game, Coach Henco Bornmann was full of praise for his boys. “It is the 1st time, since I’ve joined the school 4 years ago, that we’ve beaten Durbanville A. From where we’ve come 4 years ago when we played against B teams and now beating A teams, means a lot to the boys and the school. This week our u11A’s and u13A’s beat Durbanville. We don’t have records going back more than 4 years, but I am pretty sure that this is the first time that this has ever happened.”

Henco Bornmann
Henco Bornmann

“The turnaround can be ascribed to the fact that we now have quality coaches. Every coach is committed and has a passion for cricket, and are playing – or has played – at a level where they both know the game and have relevant experience to share.

We have a system in place, from grade 1, and every player is coached with the same vigour. Whether you play for a B team or a A team, you have access to the same coaches and have a right to the same level of coaching.”

About the match he said: “Kyran Munz’s 45 runs was exceptional in the context of the game. At 35/5 we were under immense pressure. Jaryd Morcom opened the bowling well, with his 2 wickets for only 8 runs, in 4 overs. That spell set it up for us. And then the youngster, Carl Vlok, stepped up to the plate. His 3 wickets for only 5 runs in his 2 overs at the death was fantastic.”

“I think that from these two teams, eight or nine players will be selected for provincial teams this year. For this reason the quality (spectator value) was disappointing. If you think that the region’s top 4 batsmen did not score more than a combined 20 runs amongst them, then the game surely did not deliver the quality expected. But on the other hand, we must also take into account that the bowlers are good. The bowlers on both sides took the wickets up front and therefor nothing must be taken away from them.”

“My team showed a lot of character. They believe in themselves and they believe in their teammates.  I think that this was the difference in this match. On 35/5 there was massive nerves running through the team (and me), but we knew everyone can bat. What is positive about this team, is that if someone fails, there is someone who will put his hand up. The team is not built around one individual. It is built as a unit with numerous match winners. Every player plays his part and they play for one another.”

“My goal for the rest of the year is to win the Feedem Cup, and then ultimately to go through the season without losing a match. If we can do that, then we have achieved something really special. I want to keep the momentum and want to keep doing it year in and year out so that it will filter through to our high school.”

“I just want my boys to keep on working hard. When you work hard you will harvest fruits. At this stage they work hard. They come to the school’s practices, they go to the regional practices and they come for individual coaching. They currently play around three matches per week, with some playing four. I am proud of their commitment.”

“I would like to complement Durbanville. They also have a fantastic team. They also have committed players. Many of their boys also play for Durbanville Cricket Club. They also have great coaches. Cricket is just one of those games that on some days goes for you and on others don’t. On the day we were better. I am just glad that we can now play and compete against the best in our region.”

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Selling your Home? Contact Dries Badenhorst for a free valuation.

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