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Dries Badenhorst
Dries Badenhorst


Tygerberg Sports News is an initiative by myself, Dries Badenhorst, to create a podium for the learners of schools within the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town (Tygerberg Region) who participate in sport and who achieve great results. This platform is designed to improve the news delivery of these sport achievers.

I am a parent at Curro Durbanville.  Thus a huge volume of news will be of Curro.  I want to highlight  the fact that this is not an official initiative of Curro Holdings or Curro Durbanville.  ALL PROUD PARENTS, OF ANY SCHOOL, CAN SEND ME NEWS ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN’S ACHIEVEMENTS.

Who am I?
I am a parent of three children at Curro Durbanville. Two of my children attend the primary school and I also have a child in the high school. I have a passion for school sport and have 17 years experience in digital marketing. I therefore combine these two passions in my personal endeavors to both market School Sport Achievers via Digital Publishing.

I have spent many hours next to the sports fields of both primary and the high schools. This allows me the opportunity to regularly engage in conversations with parents whom would like to share their children’s success to an wider audience.  This platform allows me to assist them with that.

It is for reason that I believe a destination like dries.co.za is necessary to distribute the good news.

Contact me:
You are welcome to send me your little articles and photos of your children’s achievements, whether it is for school sports or private sports.

I can be contacted by e-mail: dries@dries.co.za
You are also welcome to call me: 082 557 0074

Dries Badenhorst